About Owner


Calmore & Melisa Duncan moved to Canada in January, 2013. They both met in Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan & made it their home as they grew to love it.

Melisa Is from the Simply Beautiful Caribbean Island of St. Lucia which is in the Eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean, north of the island St. Vincent, Northwest of Barbados & South of Martinique.

Calmore is from Jamaica which is another beautiful island of the Caribbean situated in the Caribbean Sea. It lies South of Cuba & west of Hispaniola (Haiti & Dominican Republic).

Melisa & Calmore both owned businesses in their respective home Countries and when they met here in Canada “on this very cold winter day of -35 degrees C,” they both made a great team and have been excelling together. Calmore owned Enzo Construction & Architecture Drafting which was aimed at giving customers a low cost blue print & designs while still giving exceptional & trusted services.

On the other hand, Melisa owned a Hair Salon & Spa in St Lucia called Melly's Calming Touch where she offered all Hair and Spa Services. Melisa is now introducing a touch of the caribbean to Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan, where she has a growing clientele who enjoys her spa services. Melisa is a Registered Massage Therapist with Allied Health Counsel in St Lucia and Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. She is also a certified Esthetician, Hair Dresser and Continuing Care Assistant at Saskatoon Health Region. Her role in the industry has always been based on the Dignity, Independence, Preferences, Privacy, Safety and Wellbeing of her clients.

Brown’s Motor Inn, in Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan is this couple’s next business venture.